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Top 10 Travel Tips To Save Money
And Enjoy Travelling

There are many tips to save money while travelling. These are our top 10 money saving travel tips.

1. Make Travel Budget
And Follow It In Principle

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Make travel budget to save money

Money saving travel tips includes making travel budget. It will save you money... that is if you follow it.

Follow your budget in principle but not too rigorously as that could spoil your holiday. Keep track of what you are spending and make sure you do not exceed your overall budget.

Always make sure your budget has enough contingency for unforeseen fun things to do or see.

2. Alternate Your Spending

When we at Top Travel Tips travel, we like to alternate our expenditure. Most of the time we spend moderately, but sometimes we travel cheaply and sometimes we splurge... and we are always on the lookout for free and cheap things to do and see.

This way you can let your travel budget last longer and cover more mileage.

3. Shop Around For Travel Deals

Big part of any travel budget is the cost of getting to our travel destinations and staying there, e.g. transportation and accommodation. To find the best travel deals you must shop around and compare what is on offer.

The internet makes it easy to shop around and compare prices. It is though important that you compare apples to apples. You must take all fees and charges into consideration and compare the service level as well as the prices.

Where and when you book your flight, and when you choose to travel, can considerably affect the price you have to pay for your flights. The more flexible you can be, the more likely you are to find better deals. Our article called Air Travel Booking offers wealth of practical tips to save money on flights and travel packages.

It is also the question about when to book your vacation, i.e. should you aim for early booking discounts or try to find last minute deals. Last Minute Travel Tips offers practical advice and tips to save money when booking your vacation.

4. How To Find The Right Accommodation
At The Right Price

Finding the right accommodation at the right price is part of securing the best travel deal. It is though not only about the prices because not all rooms are equal. You also need to consider the location, the service included and of course the room itself, i.e. size, bed, bathroom, etc.

With hotels, you usually have more choice the earlier you book. Many hotels though offer generous last minute discounts, as empty rooms are fixed cost to them. You might not get exactly the room you want but the lower price might make up for it.

Hotel Travel Tips offers practical tips to save money on your accommodation. For example, did you know different hotels offer different cheap dates, e.g. business hotels tend to offer weekend deals while other hotels might offer weekday specials. Did you realize you might be eligible for discounted rate anyway, e.g. many hotels offer special rates for senior citizens or to members of their loyalty scheme.

Secret Hotels offers tips to save money on accommodation. You can get up to 70% discount off quality brand hotels in top locations worldwide. We at Top Travel Tips have used secret hotels on number of occasions, and we have never been disappointed.

5. Check Different Ways
Of Getting To Your Travel Centre

Ideas for saving money when travelling include considering different ways of getting to your travel centre, e.g. to the airport. How you travel to and from your travel centre depends on many things, like how far away you live, how long is your journey, how many people are travelling together, etc.

It is very convenient to drive to the airport but you must take the cost of gas and the parking fees into consideration when comparing it with other options, like taking a train, bus, or even a taxi. If you are taking your car, tips to save money include shopping around for the best parking fees.

6. Compare Different Transport Options
At Your Travel Destination

You normally have the choice of different transport modes at your travel destinations. You might be able to rent a car, use buses, trains or the underground. You could also take taxi, cycle or just walk.

Best tips to save money is to use public transportation whenever you can, it is normally the cheapest way of transport you can find (bar walking). You can usually get some form of discount for frequent use of public transport. Many cities offer special tourist transportation passes that are valid for set periods, i.e. from one day up to one week.

7. Shop Around For The Best Currency Rates

Currency rates can vary greatly between banks and other suppliers. Tips to save money include always shopping around prior to buying your foreign currency.

There are many ways to buy foreign currency. Buying cash is the least practical option, no one wants to travel with lots of cash on them if they don't have to.

Withdrawing money, when you need them, from ATM machines is very convenient, as well as safer. You can withdraw cash with either debit or credit card. There is usually some fee involved when withdrawing cash, whether you use debit or credit card. Using debit card is though always cheaper than using credit card, as debit card does not include any interest payments.

Prepaid Currency Cards are getting increasingly popular option. Prepaid cards are safe, easy to use and can save you money when travelling abroad. Travel experts estimate that you will get on the average between 5 to 8% better currency conversion rates by securing your currency exchange rate in advance.

Travelex Currency Services is the world largest global non-bank wholesale foreign exchange supplier and offers prepaid currency cards as well as other foreign currency services.

8. How Little Things Add Up

When you are travelling, small expenditures do add up. This is why saving on some of those little things can quickly add up to big savings. Saving Money Tips offers various practical tips to save money on all those little things.

Small coins in a jar

Little things do add up

You might be pleasantly surprised on how many free, or cheap, things you can do and see if you know where to look. Or how easy it is to get discounts... if you ask for them.

Ideas for saving money include visiting the local tourist board. They will be able to advice you on free and cheap things to do and see.

Most companies catering for tourists use the tourist boards to promote their business and especially their special offers.

City Passes can also save you money on city breaks all over the world. Not only will you save money on sightseeing and transport, you also get special discount to many restaurants and shops. In principal, the more you see and do, the more you will save.

9. What And Where To Eat When Travelling

Many of us never add up the total cost of food and drink during our holiday. If we did, we might be shocked to see how much of our daily expenditure goes on food when travelling.

Practical Money Saving Tips offers practical tips for saving money on food, as well as advising how to eat Safe Food When Travelling. The more food you prepare yourself the more money you can save. If you are eating out, avoid typical tourist places and always check the prices prior to ordering anything.

The best way of saving money on food is to eat and drink what the locals eat and drink. Buy your food where the locals buy their food and eat out at places frequented by the locals.

10. Tip On Saving Money On Travel Insurance

When buying travel insurance you must consider both the insurance price and the cover on offer. The cheapest travel insurance is not always the best choice for you. It might not offer you the cover that you need, based on your circumstances.

Tips On Saving Money offers practical tips to save money on your travel insurance. You must start by defining your insurance needs and the level of risk you are willing to take, i.e. the excess level. You should always shop around for travel insurance, compare prices and covers, and always read the small print carefully.

We hope these top 10 travel tips to save money are useful and wish you a safe journey. Please share with us your tips on how to save money when travelling.