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Women Travel Safety Tips

Few practical women travel safety tips are considered reasonable as women travelling alone tend to face few extra safety challenges.

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Women travelling alone should avoid bags that are easy to snatch from them. If you need your bag with you, try to wrap it around you or secure it in any other way you can.

Thieves often seize opportunities, by making it more difficult for them you can notably reduce the risk of theft. However if someone tries to snatch your bag women travel safety tips recommend that you rather let it go than risk being assaulted.

One of the best women travel safety tips is to carry an umbrella or other object that can be considered as weapon used from a distance.

Thieves or attackers are usually looking for the easiest targets they can find and a woman carrying possible weapon does not fall into that category. Nb. Ideally it should look like a weapon that can be used from a distance as men are usually physically stronger than women, if they get too close other weapons might be of little use.

This can be especially important if you have to travel alone after dark or in remote areas. In those cases you should also carry some light with you. The best women travel advice is however to avoid these situations as much as possible.

How you dress is also very important. Women travelling alone should always dress conservatively and in line with the local custom. This has nothing to do with female rights.. it has all to do with common sense.

Showing off expensive jewelries is taking unnecessary risk. Same applies if showing off too much flesh - you are taking unnecessary risk. All reasonable women travel advice will agree with.. travel to observe, not to be observed.

Women travelling alone can still get unwanted male attention even though they dress sensibly. The best way is usually to ignore it, under no circumstances encourage it.

Avoid eye contact if you are receiving any unwanted male attention. In most countries eye contact plays role in the flirting rituals and can be considered as inappropriate, disrespectful or encouraging.

Some women travel safety tips recommend wearing a fake wedding ring to avoid any unwanted male attention. In most countries that will enforce the understanding that you are not interested in another male company. In some countries married women are even considered the property of another man and therefore off limits.

Last but not least thieves, scammers and sex offenders usually don't look any differently. They come in all sizes and shapes and all age range. So never judge the book by its cover. Be alert at all times... that is always the single most valid women travel advice.

In principle though women travel safety tips are no different from any other general safety travel tips. It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone or in a group, or if you are male or female... you should always be vigilant at all times, not go anywhere with strangers without a secure back-up plan, don't leave your valuables out of your sight except in secure storage, take care what you eat and drink, etc.

Top Women Travel Safety Tips

Date rape drugs like Rohypnol are sometimes used in substance assisted sexual assaults.

So just in case - please adhere to one of the oldest women travel advice in the book... never leave your drink unattended nor accept a drink that you have not seen being poured into a glass in front of you.