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Safety Tips For Solo Travel

Single meerkat on a lookout in tree in Namibia

In principle safety tips for solo travel are no different from any other general safety travel tips.

It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone or in a group, you should always be alert at all times, not go anywhere with strangers without a secure back-up plan, don't leave your valuables out of your sight except in secure storage, take care what you eat and drink, etc.

Travelling solo can though be a scary prospect at first, even for the most seasoned traveler. Most of us though feel that there is certain “safety in numbers” and feel more vulnerable when we are alone.

There are few practical safety tips for solo travel that you should bear in mind when travelling on your own.

Practical Safety Tips For Solo Travel

One important part of travelling safely is not to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that you are tourist... as tourists are more likely to be targeted by certain type of thieves and scammers than locals. Travelling alone means it is usually easier to blend in than if travelling with a group.

Dress in neutral colors and in line with the local customs. No matter how outgoing and extrovert you are, when travelling alone you want to be unnoticed.

Not only try to blend in, there is also no need to advertise that you are travelling alone. Even when trying to meet other people you should avoid immediately broadcasting that you are solo traveler... rather act as alone for the day or the evening and like you are meeting up with someone afterwards.

Young kid in a jumper playing alone in a Vietnam village

One of the fears we all have is the fear of the unknown. It's therefore important to know your comfort zone.

It is good idea to do some trial solo trips before booking your solo trip around the world.

Start with a day solo trip on your own, doing what you would do as solo traveler. Then do a weekend solo trip on your own. This will help you to know your comfort level and build up your confident as solo traveler.

Both sexes travelling alone need to take general safety precautions. Like stay away from deserted areas at night, dress conservatively and in line with the local custom, avoid being intoxicated in public places, etc.

Men travelling alone need to be extra alert if participating in the nightlife scene. Solo male travelers are often targeted by scammers, especially if in an environment that includes excessive alcohol consumption and the company of friendly female strangers. Too many solo male travelers have lost their wallets this way or ended up with outrageous bar bills that they have been forced to pay up.

Women travelling alone face few extra safety challenges so special practical women travel safety tips are considered sensible.

Last but not least thieves, scammers and sex offender's don't look any differently. They come in all sizes and shapes and all age range. So never judge the book by its cover. Always be alert... that is always the foremost safety tips for solo travelers.