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The Type Of Ski Luggage
And Bags You Need

You will need special ski luggage when travelling to your ski vacation resort. Ski equipment bags protect our skiing gear when travelling, whether by car or plane.

The type of ski equipment bags to buy depends mainly on your travel mode. If you are flying with your skiing equipments, you will need more protected ski or snowboard bag, i.e. fully padded or ideally hard-sided ski case.

On the other hand, if you tend to drive to your ski resorts, then you should consider a ski or snowboard bag with less padding. Not only should it cost less, it is also more likely to fit into any car trunk and ski racks.

Different Types Of Ski Bags Available

Firstly, you will need special ski bags for your skis or snowboard. Ski equipment bags can be single or double, soft or hard case, little or heavily padded, etc.

Most have some storage space that you can use for other ski gear or your personal belongings. Some even have large external pockets for ski boots as well, i.e. combo ski bags.

The benefits of using soft case ski bag are they are lighter than ski cases. Because they are made from soft material, you can stuff some of your other luggage into the bag as well.

Look for one that is fitted with wheels, because it can be heavy to carry the bag once the skis are inside.

On the other hand, hard case ski bag will protect your skis better from rough handling by your airline. They are heavier than padded bags, but look for ski case that comes with wheels (most of them do).

Make sure your ski luggage is fitted with TSA approved locks, which means you can lock the case but airport security staff can open them without damaging the lock and your bag.

Make sure you know the length of your skis before you buy your ski bag. The size of the bags varies so this is important.

Many skiers prefer to use separate boot bag. Ideally, it should fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Some are big enough for ski boots, helmet, gloves and your skiing outerwear (ski jacket and pants). These items can be heavy, so many prefer wheeled boot bags.

Majority also travels with separate carry-on or check-in bag for their clothes and other personal belongings.

It is a good idea to pack daypack to take with you on to the slopes, i.e. to carry your personal belongings, like sun protection, refreshments, extra layers of clothes, etc.

Another ski accessory is special winter hydration pack, i.e. to keep you hydrated while on the slopes.

However, you must be careful not to exceed the airline ski baggage regulations...

Airline Ski Luggage Regulations

If you are flying to your ski vacation resort, you should start by checking your airline ski luggage regulations, as they can vary greatly between airlines. Airlines are getting increasingly strict on the maximum weight and it can be costly to exceed them.

Many airlines allow one pair of skis or snowboard up to 126 inches and one bag containing ski boots / bindings only, not allowed to exceed 45 linear inches (L+W+H). While other airlines insist the combined weight of the ski / snowboard bag may not exceed 50 lbs (23 kg).

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Some airlines give no additional allowance for sporting equipment. This means your entire luggage must fall into the standard luggage allowance, i.e. your skiing gear, clothes and other personal belongings. This can be challenging for even the most experienced skiers.

So do check your airline ski bag regulations well in advance. Check-In Airline Luggage Restrictions includes direct links to the baggage allowance sections of all the major airlines.

Airline Ski Bag Regulations Travel Tip

Most airlines require you to pack your skiing equipments in certain way. Many do not accept any liability for any damage unless your skiing equipments are in hard-sided travel case.

Buying Ski Luggage On-line

There are many reputable on-line ski luggage retailers, making it easy and convenient to buy ski bags on-line. However, we believe Amazon offers you the best range, best prices and return policy. Many of the leading online retailers also sell their products on Amazon, giving you the largest range available.

Ski Luggage Travel Tips

Top Travel Tips ski luggage buying guide explores What To Look For When Buying Ski Bag. All about size and fit, single or double, soft case or hard case, space for ski boots, material, how much padding, weight, wheels, zippers, handles and warranty.