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Need To Buy New Ski Bag?
Essential Buying Guide

You need special ski bag when travelling with your skis or snowboard. Good ski equipment bags protect our skiing gear when travelling, whether by car or plane.

In this article, you will find the necessary information to make informed decision on what type of ski luggage and bags to buy.

Key Benefits Of A Good Ski Travel Bag

Size And Fit

Your ski or snowboard bag must fit your skiing equipments, so before you start looking for a ski travel bag, measure the length of your skis or snowboard. Actually, you might be able to find these measurements on the top of your ski or snowboard.

Single Or Double

Single ski travel bag is for transporting one pair of skis, while double ski case holds two pairs. However, many prefer double ski bag for single pair, as they use the extra space for other luggage.

This can be good idea, just make sure you do not exceed your airline ski baggage allowance.

Carrying fewer bags is always easiest when travelling. If you pick a ski case big enough and you are clever at packing, you might be able to fit full week's worth of gear inside it. Moreover, if your ski bag is a combo bag, then you would not need any more ski luggage with you.

Hard Or Soft Case

Hard-sided ski case provides by far the best protection for your skiing equipments and is therefore ideal for those that fly frequently with their skiing gear. Many airlines also accept no liability for any damage unless you use hard ski case.

Hard-sided ski travel bags are sturdy and durable and should last you for a long time. On the other hand, hard ski cases are heavier, though many come with wheels, which make them easier to handle.

It is difficult to pack light for ski vacation, as you need to bring suitable ski clothes and ski accessories, which tends to be bulky. Therefore, when choosing your ski bag, consider which Skiing Clothes and accessories you will be packing

They also offer very limited storage space for other skiing gear or personal belongings and they are rigid, which can become a problem if space is restricted, e.g. car trunks.

Soft ski bags are more flexible and offer extra storage space appreciated by many skiers. They also tend to be cheaper than their hard-sided counterparts are.

Those that mainly drive to their holiday ski resort often prefer soft ski cases. However, if your soft case travel bag is fully padded then it should also be well suited for air travel as well. The most expensive soft cases tend to have strong molded plastic ends and middle, i.e. for increased protection.

How Much Padding?

Your ski travel bag needs more padding if you are travelling by air then if you are travelling by car to your ski vacation resort. While less padded ski or snowboard bag should cost less and be more likely to fit into any car trunk and on ski racks.


Hard ski cases are usually made of polyethylene plastic and are strong and durable. The material in soft ski cases varies more, which often explains the price difference. The best quality material includes high thread count and tightly woven fabric.

Ballistic nylon is durable and easy to clean, while polyester is often used in the less-expensive items. The more expensive soft cases tend to have strong molded plastic ends and middle, i.e. for better protection.

When buying ski luggage made of nylon material, you should check the denier rating as that tells you the fiber thickness of the nylon. The higher the number the thicker the fiber is, i.e. stronger, but bit heavier. For larger and much used luggage, you should be looking for something in the 500 - 2,000 denier range.


Ideally you want your ski luggage to be as lightweight as possible but without comprising on the quality of the material.


Wheels makes is so much easier to transport your ski equipment bags to and from the airport or around the skiing resort.

There are four main things that is important to look at when verifying the quality of the luggage wheels, i.e. the wheels material, how easy it is to maneuver them, how are the wheels fasten to the luggage case and if the wheels are protected in any way.


Good quality zipper is important, as zippers tend to be one of the weakest links where luggage is concerned. Coil zippers are strong and flexible and commonly used for tents... making them the perfect zipper for bags as well.

Top Travel Tips

Some packing experts recommend always packing a duct tape. Must admit we never have and we have never experienced any problems due to lack of duct tape.

We can though see the sense in packing duct tape for ski vacation. If any problem arises with the ski equipment bags... then duct tape might become extremely useful.


Even if your ski luggage comes with wheels, you will still need to be able to carry it comfortable once in a while, e.g. up and down stairs, lifting it on the conveyor belt, etc.

Ideally, you should be able to carry your skis or snowboard vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Ideally, you should be able to carry it by hand (handle) or over the shoulder (strap). Wide and tightly woven is the key here, i.e. wide to prevent the handle / strip to cut into your hands, tight to ensure longevity.

Ski Boots

Large external pockets to hold your boots as well can be good idea, i.e. combo ski bag.

However, many skiers prefer to use separate boot bag. Ideally, it should fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

Some are big enough for ski boots, helmet, gloves and your skiing outerwear (ski jacket and pants). These items can be heavy, so many like their boot bags to come with wheels.


Check the warranty, good ski equipment bags are an investment that should last you for a long time. Quality manufacturers offer warranty on their products, some even up to limited lifetime warranty.

Top Ski Bag Travel Tips

Many skiers take daypack with them on the slopes, i.e. to carry their belongings, like sun protection, refreshments, extra layers of clothes, etc.

Other skiers prefer special winter hydration pack, i.e. to keep them hydrated while on the slopes.

Buying Ski Bag On-line

There are many reputable on-line ski luggage retailers, making it easy and convenient to buy ski bags on-line. However, we believe Amazon offers you the best range, best prices and return policy. Many of the leading online retailers also sell their products on Amazon, giving you the largest range available.

Ps. see what kind of Ski Luggage You Need, if not sure what ski bag to go for.