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What Type of Luggage Suits You Best?
International Traveler Luggage Tips

These international traveler luggage tips aim is to assist you to find the best luggage for you and your travel needs. Choosing the right luggage for your travels depends on various things, maybe not least on...

What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

Do you travel frequently? Are you travelling with your family? Do you go regularly on weekend breaks? Do you like roughing it with your backpack or do like luxury getaways? Do you travel a lot on business?

Woman carrying her international traveler luggage on her head

What is your travel style?

Your travel style, your travel needs should decide what is the best luggage for you, not the other way around.

You will need different type of luggage when going on a family vacation or if travelling on business.

Whether leisure or business defines your luggage needs... these international traveler luggage tips will help you to find the best luggage that suits best your travel style.

Buying Your Luggage Online

It is both easy and safe to buy your luggage online. One of the main benefits of doing so is the great variety of luggage on offer. You are unlikely to find a retail shop with the same luggage range as you can find on-line.

You can easily browse through different categories of international traveler luggage and select specific features that apply to your travel needs. Moreover, you can do it in the peace and quiet of your own home.

Most online luggage retailers offer easy returns policies and competitive (and often) free shipping. Just click on the luggage images below for our comprehensive buying advice for the different types of luggage.

Different Vacations Require Different Leisure Luggage
International Traveler Luggage Tips

Family Vacations

Not all family vacations are the same and family members can also have different travel needs. This is why luggage set is the perfect luggage for families, as it offers different packing options to fit different needs and situations.

Luggage Set does not have to be expensive but it will have to be sturdy enough to survive many happy family holidays. You therefore might want to go for brand with verified quality record.

Expandable luggage set will also give you extra flexibility and you will definitely want to be able to wheel your luggage around when travelling.

Short Breaks

Carry-on luggage is usually sufficient for short breaks, e.g. romantic weekend away. Many of us hit the shops when travelling so make sure you have some available space in your luggage if some shopping is likely to take place.

Choosing expendable carry-on luggage is always sensible. It gives you more flexibility and can become extremely handy if you come across “too good to miss” bargain. Consider packing soft tote or duffle as well, i.e. if you want to be definitely on the safe side.

Frequent Traveler

Travelling does take a lot out of any luggage but not least if you check your bag in. Frequent travelers should therefore go for luggage with maximum durability.

It will cost more but you will not be saving any money on the long run by buying cheap non-durable luggage. The added quality will make your luggage more durable and that is what you need if you don't want to be replacing your luggage any time soon.

Frequent travelers should also look for light weight luggage and good wheeling system is also a must.

The best international traveler luggage comes with TSA Luggage Locks system. This is added bonus if you are travelling in or to the USA. TSA locks allow you to lock your luggage, but still enable airport security officers to open it without damaging your luggage.

Adventure Travelers

The adventure traveler is likely to prefer strong and light weight luggage, something that can withstand being knocked about on buses and trains.

Most young travelers prefer backpacks for adventure travelling but we know people (us) that travelled around the world for a year with two wheeled suitcases, tote and specialized Camera Bag. That suited our travel needs and travel style perfectly and we experienced no problems along the way.

Business Travelers
International Traveler Luggage Tips

Business travelers are likely to travel frequently and therefore require international traveler luggage with maximum durability. Most business travelers travel light, often with carry-on luggage only.

The ideal business travel luggage is lightweight, easy to access and well organized, e.g. with specific gadget compartments and pockets.

Additional beneficial features include straps so you can attach your laptop luggage to your main luggage. It makes a lot of difference when walking with your luggage. Some business carry-on luggage offers garment compartment with coat hanger, which will help to keep your suits less wrinkled.

Garment Carrier Bags

Garment carrier bag is ideal when you have to travel with suits. They ensure your suits and shirts stay flat which reduces wrinkling. They can easily hold several garments, they all have some sort of hanger systems, and some have different compartments for shoes. These bags fold together over the center reducing them in size.

Garment carriers are either carried on your shoulder, or they have wheels enabling you to pull them. If you go for the non-wheeled option, make sure the material is light, but durable at the same time. With your clothing inside, they can be heavy to carry.

The wheeled option is of course easier to carry around, but the limitation of them is that the wheels and the handle system does increase the weight and affects somewhat the space available. On the other hand, the wheeled bags will enable you to strap your laptop bag on it and generally make it easier for you to carry your luggage around.

Laptop Luggage Cases

Wheeled laptop luggage case is essential if you have to travel with your laptop. Why? Because the weight of your laptop along with all the accessories that come with it, can be considerable. In addition, you are likely to carry various papers and documents with you, which add to the weight.

Look for cases that offers good protection for your laptop, ideally it should be padded, and has different size compartments. Also, make sure the wheels are sturdy and the bag has solid handle mechanism.

Laptop luggage bags should be from durable material because they have to tolerate considerable beating. Some mobile office cases even have enough space to cater for overnight stays, an added benefit if you do short business trips.

Need More International Traveler Luggage Tips?

We hope that these international traveler luggage tips have helped you identifying what type of luggage fits your needs. You might however like some more advice before taking your decision. For example...

Do you need advice on whether you should choose Cabin Luggage Or Check-in Luggage?

Or are you not sure which features are most important when Choosing Your Travel Luggage? We help you to find out.

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