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Dog Travel Accessories

How To Make Your Dog Comfortable When Travelling

There are number of dog travel accessories that can make your dog more comfortable when travelling. And not only more comfortable, some accessories are vital for your dogs safety.

For yours and your dog safety, you must restrain your dog on car journeys. There are number of ways you can do this.

Dog Travel Crate

Travel dog crates are popular choice when travelling with dogs.

Soft travel crate for dogs

Not only do they keep your dog safely out of the way, they also make him feel secure in his den. Just make sure there is nothing in there with him that can cause him harm.

There is wide range of Dog Travel Crates available, from soft-sided dog carrier bags to hard-sided travel crates. It depends on your dog size, needs, travel mode, and your preference what is the right travel crate for your dog.

If you are Flying With Your Dog, then you are required to use dog travel crate.

Dog Car Seat

Dog safety car seats are becoming increasingly popular on car journeys, especially for small dogs. Basically, these work in the same way as children's car seats. The dog is strapped in his Dog Car Booster Seat, keeping him both safe and comfortable.

Dog Car Seat Belts

If you are not using dog safety car seat or crate then you must use Dog Car Harness to make sure your dog is safe on car journeys. It is important that the dog car restraint fit your dog correctly. Badly fitting or low quality dog car seat belt can do more harm than good.

Whichever mean you use to restrain your dog, there are things that can make him feel more comfortable during the journey.

Dog Car Seat Cover

Car seat cover for dogs

If your dog is on the car seat, then you may want to use dog seat covers for cars. Not only is it more comfortable for your dog (especially if leather seats), it also protects the car upholstery.

Dog Car Seat Covers come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You are sure to find one that you and your dog like and that fits your car.

Dog Car Bed

Another option is to use Dog Car Bed. Many dog owners put bed in the trunk of the car, either instead of using dog travel crate or inside the crate if big enough.

Some will argue that you need a bed anyway for your dog when travelling, so you may as well use it. You may even put a dog car bed in the back seat, just as long as you use dog car harness as well.

Other things that can make your dog's travel more enjoyable include:

Dog Ramps For Cars

Car ramp for dogs

Dog car ramp is a great idea for older dogs. Actually, it is a good idea for all dogs as jumping in and out of a car puts extra strain on the joints.

There are many types of Dog Ramps For Cars available. You are likely to want dog car ramp that is lightweight and easy to fold for compact storage. For your dog's safety it is important that the surface is slip resistant and the ramp steady.

Dog Travel Accessories

Then there are all the little things that can make travelling with dog easier and more comfortable. From travel water bowls and feeding bowls, to dog daypacks.

You may want to check out Amazon wide range of Dog Travel Accessories. You are almost guaranteed to find something you like for your four legged travel companion.

Calming Aid For Dogs

Quality calming aid for dogs from maxxipaws

Good quality calming aid for dogs, like maxxicalm, can help to take the stress out of travelling. For best results, the calming aid should be given for few weeks prior to traveling.

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Now that you have all the dog travel accessories you need for your dog to be safe and comfortable while travelling, it's time to pack your dogs bag.