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Business Class Air Travel Tips

There are some business class air travel etiquette tips that most business travelers like to follow. Business class travelers tend to be frequent travelers so this makes business air travel more enjoyable experience for all involved.

Most of these etiquette tips are about good manners and showing consideration towards your fellow passengers. Similar air etiquette rules therefore apply for first class air travel passengers, and indeed all air travelers.

Business Class Air Travel Tips

Business class air travel rules clearly state how much time you should allow for checking in and going through the airport security. Business travelers tend to be busy people so some ignore this advice and arrive too late to the boarding gate. This can cause delays, as well as you are risking missing your flight. It is wise to allow sufficient time to get through the airport, you can always use any spare time at the airport to do some work... or even relax.

When deciding where to sit in the plane you should consider how often you expect to leave your seat during the flight. Aisle seat is more appropriate than window seat for those that like to move around the plane on regular basis.

Most business trips are short so most business people travel with cabin luggage only. This means overhead lockers in business class tend to be overflowing with luggage. Only use the overhead locker above your row and remember that other passengers in your row are entitled to as much space as you.

Air travel rules suggest you stay in your allocated seat while other people are boarding. You might want to move to another empty seat but do not do so until everyone has boarded. It is also polite to notify air steward of your desire to change seats.

Fellow Passengers
Business Class Air Travel Tips

Always be considerate towards your fellow business travelers.

It is polite to acknowledge your fellow passengers but many business travelers like to use the time during flights to either relax or catch up on some work. Do respect that and keep your eyes open for any signs that your fellow traveler wants to be left in peace.

If your fellow business traveler is working, make sure you respect his or her privacy. Especially avoid looking at laptop screens or at what they are writing or reading.

Space in business air travel class is more generous than in economic class but space is still limited so do be careful that you do not invade your fellow passenger space, i.e. keep your arms and legs within your space.

Air travel rules only insist you keep your seat upright during takeoff and landing. However, before pushing your seat back make sure it does not interfere with the person behind you. Never "slam" your seat back, it could cause damage to open laptop or hit the person behind you. Also, always raise your seat to an upright position during meal times. Be as considerate as you would like the person in front of you to be.

Leave the toilet facilities as you found them... hopefully that is as you would have liked to find them in the first place.

Business Class Air Travel Tips

Business air travel class tends to be smaller than economic class and business class passengers disembark first. This makes the disembarking process quicker.

However, be considerate and follow the general air travel rules for disembarking, i.e. the people on the side of the exit door should be the first to step out of their row and get their bags from the overhead locker. Once they have left their side of the row, then those on the other side of the row should follow. Only then should the next row depart.

Top Business Class Air Travel Tips

Business class air travelers have access to business class airport lounges and consideration to your fellow passengers applies there as well. Do not talk loudly as people around you are likely to be working or relaxing. Do not spread your luggage or working papers all over empty seats or tables if the lounge is busy and so on.