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Air Plane Travel Etiquette Tips

Can you imagine how more enjoyable flying would be if everyone followed few air plane travel etiquette tips? How nice would it be if everyone were considerate towards his or her fellow passenger?

As always, the best way to change things is to be a good role model. These air travel tips will help you to show some good example when flying.

Air Plane Travel Etiquette Tips

Airline travel tips advice how much time you should allow for checking in and going through security. Many passengers however do not follow this advice and arrive too late to the boarding gate, sometimes this causes delays in the plane departure.


Some people arrive timely but forget the time when shopping in the duty free stores or when relaxing in the airport lounges. This is not only disrespectful towards your fellow passengers... you are also risking missing your flight.

Therefore, the first air plane travel boarding etiquette tips is to be punctual at all times.

When choosing where to sit on the plane you should consider how often you expect to leave your seat during the flight.

If you like to stand up and stretch your legs on regular bases, or if you have weak bladder then aisle seat would be more appropriate choice than window seat. If you on the other hand want to stay put in your seat for the most part of the journey you could choose the window seat.

Most airlines are getting stricter with overweight luggage and many have even started to charge extra for check in luggage. This means people are increasingly travelling with more and more hand luggage. Many of us have experienced arriving at our seat to find the overhead luggage space is already full. Only use the overhead locker above your row and remember that other passengers in your row are entitled to as much space as you.

Try to store what you need during the flight (like books and drinks) under your seat or in the seat pocket in front of you. Not least if you are in window or middle seat. This means you do not have to bother your fellow passengers every time you need something from your cabin luggage.

Air travel rules suggest you stay in your allocated seat while other people are boarding, it will make the boarding process smoother. You might want to move to another empty seat but do not do so until everyone has boarded. It is not only awkward if someone turns up to claim the seat you moved to... it could also delay the boarding process.

Fellow Passengers
Air Plane Travel Etiquette Tips

The best air plane travel etiquette tips is simple, always be considerate towards your fellow passengers.

Make sure your personal hygiene is socially acceptable. Strong odors can annoy other people, including body odors and strong perfume smells. Also, always cover your mouth when coughing and avoid any behavior that might be offensive by other people.

Air travel tips suggest it is polite to acknowledge your fellow passengers - usually a nod and a smile is sufficient. Sometimes people start conversation and that can be truly a rewarding encounter. However, be careful not to invade your fellow passengers' space and keep your eyes open towards any signs that they want to be left in peace. For example, if your fellow passengers are reading, working or watching movie, avoid interrupting them.

It is generally considered bad manners to read over people shoulders, it does not matter if it is a book, newspaper or laptop.

Space is very limited on board airplanes so be careful that you do not invade your neighbors' space, i.e. keep your arms and legs within your space. The person in the middle seat has the least space so airline travel tips consider it thoughtful to allow that person the use of both armrests.

Air travel rules insist you keep your seat upright only during takeoff and landing. However it is inappropriate to push your seat back to its full recline if it interferes with the person behind you. Never “slam” your seat back, it could cause damage to open laptop or hit the person behind you if s/he is not aware of it in time. Always raise your seat to an upright position during meal times. Be as considerate as you would like the person in front of you to be.

Many passengers have to share the airplane toilet facilities, which mean they can be very busy during certain times of the flight, like after meal times. Be considerate and try to be as quick as possible, for example do not linger over makeup. In addition, leave the facilities as you found them... ideally that is as you would like to find them. Do your best to avoid splashing water, vibe the basin after use, pick up towels if they fall on the floor, flush the toilet and so on.

Air Plane Travel Etiquette Tips

At the end of the flight, everyone is eager to get out of the plane. Disembarking the plane will be smoother if everyone waits patiently until it is his or her turn to move. Air plane travel etiquette tips suggest that the people on the side of the exit door should be the first to step out of their row and get their bags from the overhead locker. Once they have left their side of the row, then those on the other side of the row should follow. Only then should the next row depart.

Top Air Plane Travel Etiquette Tips

Consideration to your fellow passengers applies in airport terminals and airport lounges as well. Do not spread your luggage over empty seats, make room for people to overpass you on the escalators, wait in queue for services, do not talk loudly where people are trying to rest and so on.