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The Best Travel Clothes Are
Practical, Comfortable And Stylish

You do not have to wear specialized travel clothes when travelling - you can of course wear your normal everyday clothes.

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Right Travel Apparel
Is Essential When Traveling

Travel clothing and accessories are though getting increasingly popular and there is a good reason for it.

They are designed for comfort and convenience, they are light, they dry quickly, they wrinkle less... they are just perfect for travelling.

Travel apparel is practical for adventure / activity travels and all outdoor activities.

There are many stylish options available so you can find suitable travel clothing for your urban holidays as well.

Those of us that have tried specialized clothes for travel tend to become fans and use them frequently after coming back home from our travels.

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The Benefits Of Travel Clothes

Travel clothing design has the travelers' needs in mind and therefore offers many benefits to travelers. Added comfort and convenience tops the list of benefits and every traveler knows that these are important factors when travelling.

Your Comfort

Travel apparel tends to be comfortable, both in design and in the material used. The design tends to be loose not tight, without being baggy or unshapely. The material tends to be soft and light, while endurable at the same time.

Clothing for travel also focuses on dressing yourself in clothing layers. You can remove or add layers as needed, which make you as comfortable as possible when travelling.

Staying warm is one thing, it is also important to stay dry when travelling. Packing an umbrella is always a good idea, but sometimes you might also need a rain poncho or even proper rain jacket. We offer advice about the best raingear for travelling.

Your footwear is important and essential part of any journey. How many pairs you pack and what kind, depends though very much on the purpose of your trip. We help you to choose the best footwear for you and your trip, whether it is hiking boots, comfortable travel shoes or sandals.

Your Convenience

Specialized clothing for travel is convenient on so many levels and convenience is extremely valuable quality when travelling.

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Travel apparel tend to be made of lightweight material, which is of course ideal, as airlines are getting increasingly stricter on luggage weight. For example, pair of jeans can be 3 times heavier than pair of lightweight travel trousers.

You can usually wear travel clothing for longer between washes as the material is chosen with travelers needs in mind, i.e. breathable, resists odors, wicks moisture, etc. This means you can take fewer clothes with you in the first place, again good news when travelling light.

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In The Naukluft Desert - Namibia

When you do wash your travel clothes, they will dry much quicker than ordinary clothes. This is especially important when travelling frequently between places - you do not want to pack wet clothes.

Travel clothing material tends to wrinkle less in the first place, but it is also quicker to get “unwrinkled” after you have unpacked your bag.

Travel wear can be versatile and offer multipurpose use, again great news if you are travelling light. You can get long trouser that you can change into shorts by unzipping the legs off. You can get jackets with removable sleeves that can be handy on warm days.

You can get jackets that pack into its own back pocket so you can use it as travel pillow when resting. The same applies to shirts and trousers, minimizing the space it will take up in your bag.

Travel clothing is made with travel in mind so they are designed with endurance in mind... they are made to last.

What You Need To Know
About Travel Clothes

Our travel clothes section offers you practical information and advice about travel clothing and accessories... so you can take informed decision about if, and then which travel clothes are right for you and your trip. We will also provide product buying guides and reviews, and we are constantly on the lookout for money saving deals and offers.

Clothes For Your Sunny Vacation

Enjoying spending time outdoors is important part of most vacations. It is though important to protect your skin from over-exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. Wearing sun protection clothing is the best way to protect your skin from the sun but you should apply sunscreen generously to all exposed skin.

Good sun protection hat protects your face and head, and plays an important role in your overall sun protection, i.e. combined with your sun protection clothing and sunscreen.

Man wearing sun protection clothing

Do You Got The Right Sun Protection Clothes
For Your Beach Vacation?

Beach vacations are always popular choice. The best beachwear is practical, i.e. wrinkle free, quick drying and can withstand the elements, i.e. sun, sand and sea.

Clever storage options for your personal belongings are also beneficial. We have a look at which beach clothes and accessories you need for the perfect day at the beach.

You will need well-fitted swimwear for your beach vacation. We advice how to choose the right ladies swimwear for your body shape and how to buy the right swimwear for men.

For both sexes, knowing which swimwear features complement your body shape, and which to avoid, will make all the difference when choosing the right swimwear. Some features may not suit your body shape while other will complement it.

For the perfect tan, you might want to check out our tan through swimwear and clothes. They are great option for those that want to maximize their tan. It is all about the fabric, it has tiny pores that allow at least half of the sun light to get through the fabric. This means you get suntan just as you do when wearing low or medium level sunscreen.

Golf Travel Clothes

Golf vacations are getting increasingly popular. Most golf courses have golf dress codes. It can vary between golf clubs and not least between countries. Always check up on the dress code in advance if you are playing on an unfamiliar golf course during your golf vacation.

Smart and conservative look is always the safest bet when playing on a new golf course. We offer practical advice for both sexes about what to wear on your golf vacation and where to find it. See our articles on how to choose ladies golf apparel and how to choose men's golf apparel for more details.

There is no reason to let few raindrops spoil your game of golf. It is however important that your raingear does not restrict your movements, hence the popularity of special golf rain gear. Check our buying guide to golf rain gear.

Top Travel Clothes Travel Tips

Woman wearing Scottevest Essential Jacket

Have you ever considered wearing your carryon luggage?

There are many benefits carrying your personal belonging on you when travelling.

It is convenient as your hands will be free.

It is safer as you will not have to worry about any hand luggage, as well as the locked inside pockets act as prevention against pickpockets.

Ski Clothes

Ski vacations are another popular holiday option that requires the right gear, i.e. skiing travel clothes as well as the right skiing equipments. Our guide to skiing clothes offers great overview on what to wear when skiing and is a good starting point when preparing for you ski vacation.

Our ski jacket buying guide goes into details what you need to look out for when buying ski jacket, including how to tell if it is fully weatherproof, the difference between jacket and shell, and other important features you should know about before you buy.

The purpose of your ski pants is to keep you dry and warm but also to protect you if you fall. Our ski pants buying guide offers advice how to find the right ski pants.

While our ski clothes accessories tips and buying guide is must read for all leisure skiers. Some ski accessories are essential, i.e. can make, or break our ski vacation.

Our kids ski clothes buying guide offers thorough advice on what to have in mind when buying children ski clothes. Including which sizes to buy, your child age and ability, and finally price versus practicality. We also explore which kids skiing clothes does your child really need for your ski vacation.

Buying Travel Clothes On-line

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