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Romantic Travel Destinations
For Any Occasion And Any Budget

When thinking about romantic travel destinations most of us first think of luxury travel resorts and first class flights. But there are so many different ways to make your vacation romantic. Here you will find simple romantic travel tips and ideas for any budget and any occasion.

Romantic travel destinations

Romantic destinations
are all about the ambience

It is easy to imagine romantic feelings blossoming when thinking about sipping champagne with your loved one in your private outdoor hot tub watching the stars.

Or when thinking of fine dining on your private veranda with beautiful views over the sea.

A touch of romance is however not about money... it's about feelings and setting the right mood for those feelings to blossom. Romantic travel destinations are all about the ambience, about the character and atmosphere of a place and money can't buy that... at least not on its own.

What Is Romance And Romantic Holiday?

Thinking of romantic travel destinations makes most of us dreamy... who does not want to go on a romantic holiday with their loved one?

What is romance and romantic holiday? What one couple think is the most romantic experience ever could easily be another couple's worst romantic nightmare.

It is however more of a concern if people in a relationship cannot agree about what is romance, and what classifies as romantic travel destinations.

Romantic destinations can be as different as:

  • Staying at luxury resort or camping in the wild
  • Rejuvenating at a secluded spa or enjoying dining and wining city break
  • Shopping in designer boutiques or bargaining hard at local markets
  • Dining at Michelin star restaurants or picnicking on the beach
  • Going on a cruise or driving around in a mobile home
  • Going on a relaxing beach vacation or actively pursue some leisure activity like skiing, golfing, hiking

What romance and romantic travel destinations are, is not only very personal, the reasons for going on a romantic break can also vary:

  • You have just met and everything you do together has romantic in front of it
  • You met long time ago and you want to add a touch of romance into your love life
  • You are aware of the importance of keeping the romance alive in your relationship and romantic breaks are only one part of that
  • You are celebrating a milestone in your relationship, like an anniversary
  • You want to propose... or hoping that a touch of romance will encourage your partner to do so
  • You are getting married and are going on a honeymoon
  • You are renewing your vows and romantic holiday is part of that romantic experience

Travel Romance Ideas And Romance Tips

Giving travel romance tips that suits everyone's romance ideas and all occasions can therefore be tricky.

Maybe the best travel romance tip is not to expect too much of your romantic destinations. That is... going on what you consider to be a romantic holiday is on its own not enough.

Romance and romantic experiences are about feelings, about the right mood. You can not plan feelings but you can definitely set the mood.

Have a look at these Travel Romance Tips and Romance Ideas and see if they can inspire you when planning your next romantic travel... by helping you to put a touch of romance into your trip.

Romantic Travel Destinations
For Any Budget And Any Occasion

Luxury Romantic Destinations are something that most of us can only dream of. We might let that dream come true on the big occasion in our life, like when on our honeymoon or when celebrating big anniversary or other important milestones in our relationships.

Rest of the time we look for Luxury Travel At Reasonable Price, or a holiday in a romantic place but staying in more moderate priced accommodation... while still adding a touch or romance to your trip. It can be because the accommodation is characteristically different; the location is poetry romantic or offers activities that you enjoy doing together as a loving couple.

Romantic travel destinations

You can find budget romantic destinations

There are also many romantic holiday options that don't break the bank. Romantic Travel Destinations on Budget are available. You might not be staying in exclusive luxury resorts but you will be with your loved one, enjoying spending romantic time together.

When people grow older they tend to have higher disposable income and therefore be able to travel in more style. Most of them though look fondly back to the time when they had to save their pennies and enjoy travelling for what it is... experiencing and enjoying - ideally with your loved one.

Finally, there are different and Exotic Romantic Travel destinations. You can do exotic holiday for any budget, luxury, moderate or budget. You just have to be up for doing something different. It can be safari in Africa, spending a night on a deserted island, sleeping in hammock in the Amazon jungle, climbing Kilimanjaro, photographing grizzly bear in Alaska... whatever you fancy for a touch of romance.

Just remember - romance and romantic experiences are about feelings, about the right mood. You can't plan feelings but you can set the mood.

And if things don't go according to plan... try to laugh it off. If you are lucky, you might even get years of teasing out of it... as our top romantic travel destinations story demonstrates.

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Top Romantic Travel Destinations Story

Paris is the lovers' capital of the world. So maybe no wonder there was a touch of romance in the air when we first visited the city together.

The husband's romance ideas about Paris included a romantic picnic, which he meticulously organized. He bought a red blanket and all the most Parisian / French things he could think of. Parisian bread, pate, cheeses and of course quality French wine.

We had been together for number of years by now and the husband knew very well that the wife preferred cool white wine. He though felt that red wine was more appropriate for his Parisian picnic... as well as being his preferred choice.

The picnic started wonderfully. The weather was lovely and the food tasted great - as did the first glass of the perfect red wine. It was all so nice and relaxing... that the wife fell asleep within few minutes.

When she woke up an hour later or so she was greeted by slightly annoyed, if not a little tipsy, husband. Let's just say he got years of enjoyment out of telling the story... and he's not finished yet.

So this romantic experience turned out to be not so romantic... though it is kind of romantic to have a story like this to tell. Don't you agree?


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