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Travel Products And Gadget Review

Our product and gadget reviews are always based on our personal experience of the reviewed travel product. We never write reviews for products that we have not tried our self.

Since we started travelling so many new and “clever” travel related products and gadgets have been made available to the masses. Over the years, we have constantly been adding to our travel gear and we would like to share our experience of our favorite travel products with you.

In this section, we provide various travel gear and gadget reviews. As well as luggage reviews, including camera bag reviews, and reviewing our favorite travel clothes items and brands.

Eagle Creek Review - Packing

Eagle creek packing cubes

The Eagle Creek luggage products are durable, lightweight, easy to use and come with lifetime guarantee.

Eagle Creek packing cubes and folders help you to stay organized while travelling and fit more into your bag.

More space, less wrinkles... who doesn't want that?

Read the full Packing Cubes review.

Lowepro Camera Bag Review - Luggage

Lowepro RowerII camera bag

Lowepro Camera Bags look discreet, are comfortable, and offer ample and flexible storage space.

The bags simultaneously protect and help you to organize your camera gear.

They also come with many innovative extra features, as the great built in all weather cover.

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Travel Towels - Travel Accessories

ECOdept green travel towel

Lightweight, easy to pack, quick drying, odorless, absorbing, soft touch, hygienic and durable... anti bacterial micro fiber travel towels are the best choice for travelling.

Three times lighter than cotton towels, take less than 20% of the space, and dry much quicker.

Read the full ECOdept Micorfiber Travel Towel reivew.

Pocket XShot Camera Extender - Travel Accessories

Pocket XShot camera extender

You do not have to ask strangers to take your picture anymore, you can do it yourself with this clever little travel gadget.

The camera extender is also great for your travel video blogging as it allows you to take videos from different angles.

Read the full Camera Extender review.

Tantrix Family Travel Game

Tantrix family travel game

Looking for the best family travel game to take your next vacation?

We discovered this great yet simple travel game, that is packed with mental stimuli, when we were travelling in New Zealand.

Tantrix travel game is light, durable, and simply fantastic for your travels.

Read the full Tantrix Travel Game review.

Discovery Trekking Travel Towel

Discovery Trekking travel towel

The Discovery Trekking travel towels are different. Ultra Fast-Dry Towels do not look or feel like a towel. There is however no question about it, they are extremely water absorbent, quick drying, odor resistant and lightweight... or everything a good travel towel should be.

Read the full Discovery Trekking Travel Towel review.

Ps. there is a commenting box at the end of each gadget review if you want to share you experience of any of the products we have reviewed.