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Waterproof Camera Bag
For Wet Adventures In Wet Conditions

Waterproof camera bag is necessary if your travels include any kind of wet conditions. You need to protect your camera gear if you take it to the beach, as well as if you get soaked when out hiking. Not to mention if you like to take your camera with you on your wet adventures, like kayaking, snorkeling or close up to waterfalls.

What Do You Need
From Your Waterproof Camera Bag?

People use their cameras in different ways and therefore require different level of protection from the elements. There are waterproof camera bags that protect camera equipment while not in use as such, e.g. when out hiking or undertaking activities with your camera gear.

Water resistant camera bag might be enough for those that only want to shield their camera from the occasional downpour. Lowepro Camera Bags with built in all weather cover is ideal for those conditions.

Others will need waterproof camera bag that can be fully emerged in water. For example, if you are undertaking activities that might lead to falling into water, like river rafting, kayaking, wading through rivers, etc.

Then there are waterproof camera cases that allow you to use the camera in wet condition, e.g. when raining or even underwater camera bag.

How Does Waterproof Camera Bags Work?

It is all about the material and as importantly how the bag is closed, i.e. so the water cannot seep in to the bag after it has been closed.

Camera bags can come with either water resistant zippers or waterproof zippers. Water resistant zippers are fine for heavy rain or very quick plunge into water. The zippers must however be fully waterproof if you need a camera bag that will survive serious dunking, e.g. if you would fall into the water with your camera bag on your back.

Waterproof zippers can be tricky to open and close, which can be inconvenient if you need to access your camera quickly. It is therefore recommended to lubricate all waterproof zippers with silicone grease on regular basis to keep them operating smoothly.

Roll top dry bags are the best way to keep your camera equipments dry, and are highly recommended if you are taking your camera out in extreme wet circumstances, such as kayaking or other activities on water. Roll top bag is a tube of waterproof fabric that you roll down few times before securing it with clips to keep it from unrolling.

Roll top dry bags are great to keep things dry but the drawback is slower access to your gear. They are therefore great to protect your camera from water damage, rather than shooting in wet conditions. Then a camera bag with waterproof zippers is usually a better choice.

Different Types
Of Waterproof Camera Bags

Firstly, no camera bag manufacturer will guarantee to keep your camera dry no matter what. The only perfect guarantee is not to use your camera in wet conditions. However, the following products are generally considered among the best waterproof camera bags on the market.

Lowepro DryZone

Lowepro is one of the best-known quality camera bag brand, suited for professionals and amateurs alike. Their waterproof camera bag range is called Dryzone.

Yellow and black colored waterproof camera bag

Lowepro DryZone

Lowepro claim that DryZone is the world's first totally waterproof, soft-sided camera backpack. DryZone has special TIZIP waterproof zipper that provides 100% watertight protection and it floats, even when fully loaded.

It can take time to open waterproof zippers, which can be inconvenient if you need to access your camera quickly. Lowepro therefore provides users with an alternative option during times when less protection is required.

You can leave the TIZIP open and fasten just the inner zipper and top clip for quicker access. Never forget though, you need to secure the TIZIP zipper properly for the camera bag to be fully waterproof.

Lowepro DryZone also comes with all the other innovated high quality features that have made the Lowepro brand famous. Like ergonomic lumbar support, fully adjustable shoulder straps, tuck-away tripod holder, self-draining mesh pockets, drain hole, rubber handle, and attachment loops for other Lowepro products / accessories.

The Lowepro DryZone is the ultimate waterproof soft-sided camera backpack. However, if you only need water resistant camera bag, then Lowepro Camera Bags with built in all weather cover might be more suitable choice for you.

Simms Dry Creek Camera Bag

If you are looking for a waterproof camera bag to hold small camera then Simms Dry Creek camera bag might be just what you are looking for. Unfortunately, it is too small for DSLR cameras but you cannot find more waterproof pouch than this one.

Grey colored dry camera bag

Simm Dry Creek
Camera Bag

The Simms bags are made of polyurethane coated nylon, have RF welded seams and a roll top closure with an integrated zip-lock seal. Closed correctly, there should be virtually no chance of your camera getting wet inside a Simms bag.

Simms bag has a strap loop on the back as it is designed to be carried on a belt, or strapped to a backpack. You can easily get the bag open and get your camera out, even with only one hand. However, you will need both hands to seal it back again properly.

The Simms Dry Creek Camera Bag is great choice for your compact camera, keeping it dry and safe in all wet conditions. With Simms bag, you can safely take your camera with you wherever you go.


Aquapac holds worldwide patent on systems for sealing bags and cases. The Aquaclip® is patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-molded plastic seal that opens and closes with a simple twist of three levers so everything stays in one piece even when open.

Clear water sealing bag with camera inside

Aquapac Camera Bag

This means the user can protect the camera from getting wet but still take great photos through the waterproof camera case. It also works as underwater camera bag, i.e. no need for disposable underwater cameras any more.

Aquapac offers wide range of waterproof camera cases to fit most camera sizes. They also offer waterproof pouches for other electronic equipments, like your cell phone, iPhone or laptop.

The waterproof camera cases are for the camera only, while the Aquapac Stormproof Camera Pouch is a waterproof camera bag that allows you to take your camera gear with you without having to worry about the weather.

Where To Buy Online?

We at Top Travel Tips recommend Amazon as a good place to buy the products discussed in this article. Our experience with Amazon is that they frequently offer very competitive prices as well as very good customer service.