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Car Travel Tips For Dogs
How To Make Car Journeys More Enjoyable For Your Dog

Dogs are great travel companions. They tend to enjoy exploring new things, don't complain, and are happy as long as you are there. The sooner you get your dog used to car journeys, the easier it will be to travel with your dog. These car travel tips for dogs will assist you to prepare your dog for long car journeys.

How To Get Dogs Used To Car Travel

If you have a puppy, you should start by getting him used to the car as soon as you get him.

Excited dog looking out of car window

Start by getting the puppy used to go in and out of the car and just sit with him in the stationary car for few minutes every day. Then start with a short drive, e.g. to the end of the road and back, and gradually increase the length of the journey.

It is vital to make the whole experience fun and enjoyable, that way your puppy will learn to associate car travel with something fun and enjoyable. Use treats, toys, and praise excessively to achieve this and make sure that the first trips are to somewhere fun, i.e. not to the Vet.

The process is actually similar if you have older dog, i.e. to try to make car journeys fun and to slowly increase the length of the journey.

It is never too late to get dogs used to travelling in a car but you can expect it to take longer with older dogs.

How To Deal With Dogs Fear Of Car Travel

Some dogs are not keen travelers and some are petrified of car journeys. This can be very limiting for dog owners. Not only does it make travelling with the dog difficult, it can be very limiting on daily basis.

Girl and dog in the boot of a car going on a car journey

Dealing with dog fear of car travel is based on the same principles as getting the dog used to car journeys in the first place. It is all about building positive association with car journeys and relieving stress.

It depends on how severe your dog dislike of car is, how easy or difficult it is to deal with his fear. But it can be done.

Dog behavioral training, like desensitization and counter-conditioning, are the most common treatments for any behavioral problem that involves arousal or emotional reaction like fear.

The dog owner behavior is also very important, as dogs are very tuned into our feelings. So it is vital that the dog owner stays calm and collective during the whole car journey.

Good quality calming aid for dogs, like maxxicalm Calming Aid for Dogs, can also help anxious dogs to relax on long car journeys. For best results, the dog should be given it for few weeks prior to travelling.

Here you can find more advice how best to deal with Car Phobia In Dogs.

How Best To Prepare Your Dog For A Car Travel

There are things you can do to make long car journeys less stressful for your beloved dog.

- Exercise the dog well beforehand, it will help your dog to relax and fall asleep en route
- Stop regularly for bathroom breaks and allow your dog to stretch his legs
- Don't feed your dog for up to 3 hours before hitting the road, i.e. to minimize the risk of dog car sickness
- Make sure you restrain the dog so he is not at risk of injuring himself or other passengers, e.g. use dog car harness or travel dog crate
- Make your dog as comfortable as possible in the car, e.g. provide blanket for him to snuggle up against
- Provide toys and treats to keep him occupied during the car journey

Keep the collar on at all times, just in case you are separated from your dog. Make sure the contact details are up to date and relevant. There is no use in giving your home number if no one is at home to take the call.

Dog Health Tip

Heat stroke can be fatal for dogs so never leave your dog alone in the car on a hot day. Actually, it does not have to be very hot for it to be too hot to leave the dog in car.

Travel with dog should be fun. The better you prepare in advance, the more enjoyable the trip will be for the both of you. These car travel tips for dogs should help you to prepare your dog for car travel. Then there are things that can make your dog car travel more comfortable…