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Samsonite Spinner Luggage
When You Want Stylish Quality Luggage

Samsonite spinner luggage popularity is no surprise as Samsonite is one of the best known luggage brands in the world. The Samsonite brand is globally recognized for its stylish quality travel bags and accessories. Why one brand is so popular is however not down to any one thing. Top Travel Tips investigates...

Samsonite Spinner Luggage

Samsonite operates strict quality control. All Samsonite products are performance tested at fully loaded capacity, prior to going on the market.

They are put through rigorous tests of durability, strength and dependability that represent the environmental demands of frequent travelers. The strength of fabric and zippers and all hardware is also tested. Handles are pulled and flexed thousands of times, wheels are rolled for miles over demanding terrain, etc.

Samsonite rigorous performance tests should ensure that their products meet theirs, and yours, highest quality standards. However, if you experience any problems caused by manufacturing defects in material and workmanships, then Samsonite will either fix or replace the product in accordance with the product warranty terms and conditions.

Most Samsonite retailers offer at least 10-year warranty on all Samsonite luggage's, including Samsonite spinner luggage.

Top Samsonite Luggage Repair Travel Tips

Samsonite requires you to use approved service center for all Samsonite luggage repair that falls under their warranty. You can use any repairer for non-warranty maintenance or repairs.

You should though bear in mind that improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair will void their warranty so you might want to use approved service center for all Samsonite luggage repair within the warranty period.

Samsonite Spinner Luggage

One of the reasons for Samsonite popularity is without a doubt that their products are always stylish.

Samsonite luggage can be classical yet stylish. It can be trendy and still stylish. It can make a statement but still be stylish. Travelling with Samsonite is always travelling with style.

Product Range
Samsonite Spinner Luggage

Samsonite not only offers stylish quality luggage, it also offers wide range of stylish quality luggage.

There are suitcases, spinner luggage, duffels, laptop cases and even Samsonite luggage sets. There is hard-sided luggage, as well as soft-sided luggage. There are also various extra lightweight luggage options available. Your Samsonite bag can be small or it can be huge, or something in between.

Whatever luggage you are looking for, Samsonite is likely to offer it.

Samsonite Spinner Luggage

Samsonite will not be the cheapest luggage brand you can find. However, if you shop around you can usually come across some good deals.

It is though always going to be about combination of quality and price. You can spend very little or very much on what seems like a similar piece of luggage, i.e. similar shape and size.

Find out which features to have in mind when buying Spinner Luggage

The price difference usually reflects different quality, for example in the quality and durability of the materials used.

Many travelers feel it worth to spend a bit more for quality luggage, as it can be very inconvenient if your luggage breaks down while you are travelling. It can also be false economy if you have to replace your luggage every few trips.

Most Samsonite owners seem to agree that the price is reasonable for the quality and durability involved.