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Ten Small Practical Travel Gear Items
You Do Not Realize You Need
Until You Do Need Them

Forgetting to bring practical travel gear items with us is annoying when travelling. Sometimes we can find the item we need at our travel destination but in other instances, we have to manage without.

Luckily, this is unlikely to ruin our vacation but it would still have been much more convenient if we had realized beforehand how useful this item is. Sometimes we just don't realize what we need until we need it.

We have chosen ten small and relatively cheap items that we consider very practical travel gear for most types of travels.

1. International Travel Adapter

Inconveniently, not all countries use the same plugs or voltage. This means you will need to use travel adapter for your electronic equipments on some of your travels.

Adapters are cheap and widely available, e.g. at the airports (which though are often more expensive than if bought elsewhere).

However, if you travel frequently you don't want to be buying adapters every time you travel. You should own Universal Travel Adapter, i.e. that you can use anywhere in the world.

When choosing your universal travel adapter set make sure it covers all the regions you need it to cover and that it is as lightweight as possible.

2. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always important but when you are travelling, you might not have access to drinkable water at all times. You would therefore need to bring water with you and reusable travel water bottle is very useful.

You can usually buy plastic water bottles to take with you but they are both expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

When choosing your travel water bottle you should check the durability and look for one that is odor proof, i.e. the bottle material does not affect the taste of your water.

Some water bottles, like the Easy Traveler Flask, can be rolled up when empty, which is very handy when travelling.

3. Waterproof Bag

Waterproof bags are extremely practical travel gear. First, they can keep your travel gear safe from damage, e.g. when raining or if it accidently fall into water. Secondly, they can keep your things safe while you enjoy yourself, e.g. allowing you to take your personal belongings with you into the sea instead of leaving them unprotected on shore.

A less known fact is that they are also useful to protect your equipment from sand and dust. Sand and dust can be almost impossible to get rid of from your electronics and cameras, and can cause damage beyond repair.

You can get waterproof bags in all shapes and sizes, we have selected few popular ones for you to investigate further.

4. Headlight

Headlights are one of the most practical travel gears you can find. They are lightweight and take little space in your bag but can become handy on so many occasions.

Headlights are indispensable in the outdoors, but they can also be useful at nights in urban areas.

They are not only great when outdoors, they can help you navigate indoors at night, and you can even use them when reading in bed.

Headlights have some huge advantages over flashlights. They leave your hands free while lighting up your environment but you do not have to think about aiming the light as it follows your head movements (and therefore your eyes).

We never travel anywhere without this practical travel gear.

5. Quick Dry Travel Towel

This is another great and practical travel gear indeed. Traditional towels are heavy, bulky and take ages to dry. Specialized quick dry travel towels are light, compact, fast drying and remarkably absorbent... you are very likely to be surprised when you try one for the first time.

They are of course great for backpacking and the outdoors, i.e. when camping.

They are also great choice for the beach, even if you are staying in a hotel that provides you with clean towels on daily basis. Your travel towel can even pose as blanket or pillow if needed.

Eagle Creek has good range of quick drying travel towels. Check the Amazon website for Eagle Creek Travel Towels.

6. Travel Cutlery Set

Travel cutlery set does not take much space in your bag but can be very useful on so many occasions, especially if you love picnics on the beach or in the park. This practical travel gear is therefore useful at home and away, something good to have in your daypack all the time.

Make sure you choose sturdy set, i.e. with good knife that can cut through all food with ease.

7. Multipurpose Blanket

Lightweight multipurpose blankets are excellent travel companion on most vacations and when travelling on airplanes.

Actually, most airlines nowadays do not provide their passengers free blankets so it makes perfect sense to bring your own.

They are of course great for impromptu picnics or when going to outdoor events. You can also use them as throw over when sleeping or roll them up and use as support for your head.

The best thing is though, if needed, Travel Blankets can keep you warm and comfortable, wherever you are.

8. Multifunctional Radio Gadget

The Ambient Weather WR-088 Emergency Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, Flashlight, Cell Phone Charger with Cables is quite a compact multifunctional gadget at low price.

Red colored windup and solar power radio

The Ambient Weather WR-088 Weather Band provides you with assured access to news and weather information whenever and wherever you need it.

The radio itself has an integrated LED flashlight and offers a choice of self-charge, solar, and external recharge power options, which you can also use to charge your cell phone and some other small electronic gadgets.

The compelling design makes the WR-088 a great everyday radio, as well as practical travel gear in emergencies.

9. Disposable Urinal

It is easy to think of many occasions when disposable urinal would be handy when travelling.

Box of disposable travel urinal

First, there might not be any toilet facilities available when you need them.

Secondly, sometimes even if they are available you might prefer not to use them... due to hygienic reasons. In addition, being stuck in traffic for hours can mean that you cannot get to a washroom when you need one.

Travel John Disposable Urinals are convenient, hygienic, leak proof, odorless, compact, and easy to use... for both sexes.

This is truly a practical travel gear when the need arises.

10. Digital Luggage Scales

Airlines are getting stricter about luggage weight all the time and charge substantial amounts for any overweight. It pays well to know how much your bags weigh prior to going to the airport.

There are many easy to use lightweight luggage scales available. They are easier to use for luggage than scales designed for weighing people.

You can also take them with you on your travel, so you don't have to worry unnecessarily about your luggage weight.

You can buy Digital Luggage Scales at Amazon.