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Which Kids Skiing Clothes
Does Your Child Need?

Kids skiing clothes are not that different from adults skiing clothes. In principle, your child will need all the same skiing clothes as adults do.

Your child will need weatherproof outerwear, good breathable under layers, and well fitted footwear. Your child will also need various ski clothes accessories to keep them comfortable and safe, such as ski gloves, ski hats, ski goggles, etc.

Kids Skiing Outerwear
Jackets, Pants and Snowsuits

All children skiing outerwear should be weatherproof, i.e. water- and windproof, as well as durable and breathable. This is vital to keep your child dry and warm on the slopes.

Snowsuits are the ideal toddler ski clothes, as being one-piece means that snow cannot get up your toddlers back as it could if s/he was wearing two-piece toddler ski clothes.

Snowsuit will keep your toddler dry and warm which is the most important thing for the youngest kids. They do not move as vigorously as the older kids do and are therefore more likely to get cold.

Older children tend to prefer two-piece outerwear as that allows them to take the jacket off if they get too warm.

Kids ski jacket should not be excessively bulky but loose enough to allow your child to wear sufficient layer underneath it. High collar, hood and number of pockets are always a good idea.

Kids ski pants should keep your child warm and dry, but they also play important role in protecting your kids if they fall... and kids tend to fall more frequently than most as they don't always know when (or sometimes how) to stop.

You should therefore look for good padding in strategic places, i.e. the areas that tend to take the most beating, like knees and buttocks. Padding also reduces the risk of your kid tearing the ski pants.

Top Travel Tips offers advice if you need information about How To Tell If Ski Jacket Is Weatherproof or not, i.e. the same criteria applies to other ski outerwear, like ski pants.

Top Kids Skiing Travel Tips

How about clothes that grow with your child? Obermeyer children Ski clothes incorporate so-called I-Grow system, i.e. which increases the garments longevity with expandable sleeves and cuffs. The sleeves can be extended by 1½ inch, while the cuffs can be extended up to 2 inches.

Kids Skiing Inner Layers
Base and Middle Layers

The best way to control body temperature outdoors is to wear layers of cloths, as wearing few thin clothes is much more efficient than wearing one thick garment. The three layer system is based on wearing base layer next to the body, middle layer on top of that and then finally the outer layer (ski jackets and ski pants).

Each layer should be made of breathable fabric, i.e. to allow the moisture (sweat) from the body to escape. This is important because your kids are likely to sweat when active outdoors but will cool down quickly when they stop if the perspiration cannot escape.

Thermal garments are ideal as base layer, i.e. the clothes that are in direct contact with your kids skin.

While fleece is an ideal choice for middle layer, it will keep your kids warm by transporting moisture and excess heat away from their body.

Skiing Footwear
Ski Boots and Après-ski Boots

Your child will need well-fitted ski boots for skiing. Good ski boots are vital, as your child will be spending fair amount of time in them. Good ski boots are comfortable and hold the foot, especially the heel, firmly in place.

Your kid will also need some après-ski boots to wear when not skiing. Good après-ski boots have warm fleece liners and are water resistant with non-slip treads.

Skiing Headwear
Ski Hats and Ski Helmets

Good ski hat is vital to keep your child warm and comfortable, make sure it covers the ears adequately.

Ski helmets are highly recommended for children. Head injuries are serious issue so wearing ski helmet is a wise decision, including if your kids snowboards. It is vital that the helmet fits correctly, i.e. in order to protect your kid properly. Wearing thin balaclava or helmet liner under the helmet is also good idea.

Kids Skiing Eyewear
Ski Goggles and Skiing sunglasses

Your kid should wear ski goggles at all times when skiing or snowboarding. Ski goggles protect the eyes from the wind and keep the snow out, i.e. allowing your kids to see what they are doing.

Skiing sunglasses are ideal when not skiing and on very bright day, your kids might want to wear them underneath their ski goggles.

Keeping Warm
Ski Gloves, Ski Socks And Neck Warmers

Good pair of ski gloves or mitts is vital when skiing, i.e. for warmth and better grip. While good ski socks keep feet's warm and absorb sweat. They should ideally contain at least 40% wool.

Ski neck warmer is a clever way to keep the neck warm and prevent snow and cold going down the jacket. Scarves are also good option.

Buying Kids Skiing Clothes On-line

It is easy and convenient to buy children ski clothes on-line. Amazon offers wide range of ski clothes for kids. Their prices are very competitive and their customer support and return policies are excellent.

What To Have In Mind
When Buying Kids Ski Clothes

Children clothes should keep them warm and dry while skiing, but they also play an important role in protecting your children if they fall. The clothes must fit well, i.e. allow them satisfying freedom of movement. Too big or too small kids ski clothes can restrict their movements and hence increase the risk of injuries.

In principle, the same applies for kids skiing clothes as when buying for skiing clothes for adults. There are though some extra considerations to have in mind - for more details see What To Have In Mind When Buying Ski Clothes For Kids.