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Hotel Safety Tips
For Protecting Yourself And Your Belongings

There are some hotel safety tips which all travelers should bear in mind when travelling. They can help protecting your belongings, but more importantly they can help to protect you and your family.

Hotel Safety Tips
That Help Protecting Yourself

Make sure your hotel room doors are locked at all times. Not only when you go out but also when you are in the room. If you are in the room, make sure you use all the locks available, including turning the deadbolt and fasten the security chain.

Three set of hotel keys with room numbers on them

Never prop the room door open, not even for few seconds. The door should be shut and locked all the time, even for just quick trips to the vending machine. Thieves tend to be opportunist and quick, propped up doors are inviting them to take the chance.

When you leave the room you must make sure that the door is completely closed behind you. Top Travel Tips recommends to always double check, press the handle and push on the door.

Make a habit of checking all windows and doors every time you enter or leave your room. Make sure they are closed and locked.

Always use your peephole when someone knocks on your door. Never open your door to strangers. If you want or need to converse with them, leave the security chain engaged while doing so.

Don't automatically trust someone claiming to be a hotel employee if you are not expecting one. Call the reception to check their credentials or to ask for a security guard.

Top Laptop Travel Tip

Consider installing VPN (Virtual Private Network) software on your laptop. This will ensure you have a secure internet connection wherever you are. VPN works like a tunnel, and all your data is encrypted and sent through the tunnel. This ensures that no-one (e.g. a hacker) can “see” your data

Always accept the duplicate key, even if you are travelling alone. The receptionist is more likely to question if someone is asking for the third set of keys.

Don't use the lift if there is a suspicious looking person inside, especially if you are alone. Act as you have forgotten something and walk away from the lift.

Hotel safety tips recommend using the main entrance when entering or leaving the hotel, especially after dark.

There are available portable alarm systems to hang on the doorknob for added protection. This might especially be of interest to frequent solo travelers.

Always read the fire safety instructions in your hotel room. Know how to report a fire, and be sure you know where the nearest fire exits is located. It may sound like overdoing it but do count the doors between your room and the nearest exit. This is one of our top travel tips as this could literally save your live if you have to crawl through a smoke filled hotel corridor. That's why this is part of our top travel tips.

Top Hotel Internet Safety Tips

More and more hotels offer free internet access to their customers. This is great service for travelers but be careful as hotel internet access is not always secure. They can be as unsafe as an unsecured wireless hotspot.

Always be extremely careful when accessing your on-line bank, if you are not sure if the connection is safe or not, then don't do it. Same applies to other personal information and passwords. You should always take your hotel internet safety seriously.

Hotel Safety Tips Door Stop Alarm

If you are concerned that someone would sneak into your room while sleeping, then consider using door stop alarm.

This is a little and inexpensive device that you place at the base of your hotel room door. If someone opens the door, it will set off pulsating siren-alarm.

The Door Stop Alarm is simple, yet very effective security device that improves your hotel room security. It is ideal for families or anyone traveling alone.

We at Top Travel Tips think this is a very practical security device.

Hotel Safety Tips
That Help Protecting Belongings

Never leave anything of value lying around in your room, i.e. money, expensive gadgets, jewelries, etc. Use the hotel safe to store your valuables when you are not using them, and always when you are out of your room.

You can also lock your belongings in your bag when not using them. It will not stop someone from stealing your bag but it will deter opportunist thieves. Find out why TSA Luggage Locks are best luggage locks for travelers.

If you have any breakable objects with you then store them securely out of the way of the cleaning crew.

Top Hotel Safety Tips

Think carefully about what you take with you on your travel. If you really don't want to lose an item, then seriously consider leaving it at home. Especially if the item isn't replaceable, i.e. has sentimental value for you.

Other items are expensive to replace so if you do take them with you, make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance cover if the item got lost or stolen.