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Why Not Wear Your Carryon Luggage?
Some Surprising Benefits

The most famous traveler to wear his carryon luggage is probably Rolf Potts, the world traveler, reporter and author of Vagabonding. He travelled around the world for six weeks with no baggage whatsoever. Everything he needed he carried on him, i.e. in his Scottevest travel jacket and travel pants.

Travel Vests

You are maybe not willing to go to such an extreme in your endeavors to pack light but there are number of good reasons for wearing your hand luggage when travelling.

Benefits Of Wearable Carryon Luggage

There are many benefits of wearing your airline luggage when flying or travelling generally:

You can put all your personal belongings in the pockets of your travel vest / jacket. This is very convenient and means you will not have to drag or carry any hand luggage around. Your hands will be free and you will not have to keep your eyes glued on your luggage.

It is difficult for thieves to get to your personal belongings, as the majority of the pockets are accessible only on the inside, which is a nice deterrent against pickpockets.

It will save you time and hassle when going through airport security, as you will not have to empty any pockets. Just put your wearable baggage vest / jacket through the x-ray scanners.

When on a plane, you will not have to get up to retrieve things from the overhead locker, as you will have everything you need already on you.

It might even save you some hard cash as some airlines have started charging for each carryon luggage piece.

Your wearable baggage can also be your bonus airline luggage piece, as your wearable overcoat does not count as one of your allowed cabin luggage item. This is great if you are struggling to fit everything in your allowed airline luggage pieces.

Wearing your carryon luggage is not only great during flights. There are many benefits wearing your personal belonging on you during your whole journey. It is convenient as your hands will be free. It is safer as you will not have to worry about any hand luggage, as well as the locked inside pockets act as prevention against pickpockets.

Scottevest Wearable Carryon Luggage

Scottevest is one of the best-known wearable baggage options, thanks to Rolf Potts among other things. What makes Scottevest such a great product? Listen to what the inventor himself has to say.

The Scottevest products fulfil all the benefits mentioned above and more. Because Scottevest products are also:

  • Stylish
  • Slim fitting (women's jackets and vests)
  • Specially engineered to eliminate bulky-looking pockets

Scottevest offers men's and women's jackets and travel vests in various sizes and colours, each with +/- 20 pockets (the Expedition Jacket has 37 no-bulge pockets).

The multitude of pockets are designed to hold your travel documents, portable electronics, digital camera, eyeglasses, phone, maps, and other necessities in complete comfort thanks to the Weight Management System® that evenly distributes the load.

An interior clear fabric pocket holds your MP3 player so you can see and control it right through the cloth. The material is lightweight, breathable, and Teflon treated cotton / nylon blend, which makes the product wrinkle resistant and stain repellent.

Scottevest is truly as cleverly designed piece of cloth / luggage. Anyone that likes gadget is likely to love this product.

So how much can you actually fit into a Scottevest?

You didn't expect that, did you?

Other Wearable Carryon Luggage Options

Amazon is a good source to find good wearable baggage options.